Here to help you recruit the best people


Selecting the right staff for your growing business is harder than it looks, and the consequences if you get it wrong, can be expensive and stressful.  It costs upwards of £2500 to find, recruit and train a new employee (this increases to £7500 for senior managers). Then a number leave within the first year so the whole process is repeated and costs rise.

It doesn’t have to be like this!

Morlan Gil Human Resources provide expert recruitment throughout Hampshire, West Sussex, Dorset and further.  Our support and advice ensures that you get the right people at the right price and in the most effective way.

Recruitment Services

  • Job descriptions, Job Specifications & Application forms
  • Vacancy Advertising
  • Interviewing and Interview training
  • Candidate assessment (including assessment centres and psychometric profiling)
  • Induction training

Job descriptions and specifications

Proper preparation is the key to successful recruitment.  A well thought out job description and a clear realistic person specification are the essential first steps. Let Morlan Gil help you draft these crucial documents.

Vacancy Advertising

Job adverts need careful crafting so that they are legally compliant and attract the best possible candidates. Then there is the selection of the right publications to advertise in.  Finally, there is the processing of applications.  All this can be time consuming, expensive and confusing to the uninitiated.  Let Morlan Gil’s experts save you time and money.

Interviewing and Interview training

Interviewing is the way most people choose their new member of staff, but doing it well takes experience and training.  At Morlan Gil HR, we can help you draft the right questions to ask.  We can ensure that you don’t make any expensive employment law blunders.   We can even train you and your managers how to recruit.

Candidate Assessment

Today, interviewing is only one of a number of ways to assess the suitability of candidates. Assessment centres, psychometric and personality profiling can add real value to the recruitment process. Morlan Gil can advise you on the most appropriate and cost effective assessment and selection methods for your particular situation.

Handling Job offers

Once you have made your decision; there is still more to be done.  The initial phone call is only the start.   Morlan Gil HR can help you with advice and support in relation to the small print like salary, drafting a formal offer letter, agreeing start dates, duration of the probationary period etc.

Induction training

A proper induction can ensure that your new employee gets off to the best possible start.  It can also help avoid unnecessary problems.  We can advise on how to do this cost effectively.