Is your in house HR department contributing real value?


In-house HR should add value to your business, but sadly that isn’t always the case.  We can carry out an independent, expert review of your current HR, processes and systems. We assess the value they contribute and suggest ways to improve the positive contribution of HR in your organization.

  • Cost efficiency
    Are you sure that you are getting the best value from your current HR spend?  Let us assess your current HR structure and approach to see if they are efficient and effective.
  • Contribution/Value
    We believe that in house HR should make a positive contribution to your business by helping you recruit and retain the right peopleOur independent experts are ideally placed to audit the contribution made by your current internal human resources setup, and to suggest practical ways to get more value from your HR budget.
  • HR Mentoring
    In smaller organisations, the in house HR team have to be generalists, dealing with a wide range of HR issues. We often help support your in-house HR team by providing an HR mentoring service.  Our support can range from providing specialist advice, to being a sounding board to talk through processes, options and employment law questions.