Take the Stress Out of Dealing with Staff Issues


  • Disputes
  • Discipline
  • Dismissal (including redundancy)

Your people are your most valuable asset, but they can also be your worst nightmare.

Poor performance, unacceptable behaviour and conflict can quickly undermine the performance and morale of an otherwise high performing team. Many employers and managers don’t know how to handle these difficult and often delicate workplace situations and, so they stick their heads in the sand. Unfortunately, the longer these issues are left, the harder and more costly they are to resolve.

At Morlan Gil, we have the experience and expertise to help you resolve these issues quickly and effectively. You can talk the problem through with one of our understanding Hampshire based HR experts. We’ll listen then explain your options, and coach you on the best ways to nip these matters in the bud. We can even sit in on a disciplinary interview with you to keep you on track.

We can give advice on training interventions to address performance issues and should the situation merit it, help you manage the termination process in a way that complies fully with current employment law.