Have You Ever Employed Someone You Wish You Hadn’t?


Day-to-day dealings, recruitment, performance, disputes, discipline, dismissal Employee Relations has so many dimensions to it that it is no surprise that many business owners need support with one aspect or another.

Are you sure that your employee contracts are sound?  Perhaps your business has just reached the point where you need professional HR help.  Maybe you have a particular situation, and you cannot see a solution.

As well as helping you deal with emergency situations when they occur, we’ll provide you with a proactive, preventative, business-driven human resources approach, based on what is best for your business.

Morlan-Gil offers a complete HR range of HR services including:

Employment Processes
and Procedures

keeping compliant with HR legislation can be a real headache for busy business owners.
Let us take the strain.  We can help you with contracts of employment, staff handbooks, induction training and probation period reviews.


Performance Management and Training support

Are you sure you are getting the best out of your staff.  Even the best people need some guidance and direction.  We can help with setting objectives, assessing/appraising, appraisal training, and dealing with staff issues.


Dealing with Staff Issues

The longer you put off dealing with personnel issues the harder they are to deal with.  We can help you deal with disciplinaries, grievances, training and dismissals (including redundancy)


Retained HR Service

Morlan Gil HR provides a cost-effective outsourced HR service, which manages your organisations’ day to day staff responsibilities – saving thousands in HR staff and legal costs while ensuring continual compliance with employment law


HR Strategy Consultancy

Forward planning for recruitment, training and staff development can pay tremendous dividends.  Let us help you with development plans, recruitment plans, succession plans and training plans.


Recruitment Services

We can assist you with everything related to recruitment including; job descriptions & job specifications, vacancy advertising, interviewing and interview training, candidate assessment and issuing job offers


HR Department review

An in-house HR should add real value to your business but sadly that isn’t always the case.  We can carry out an independent, expert review of your current HR personnel, processes and systems. We assess the value they contribute and suggest ways to improve the positive contribution of HR in your organisation.


Health and Safety

Keeping up-to-date with the latest safety legislation and protecting the health and well-being of employees, customers, and visitors are essential actions for every business. MGHR’s health and safety advisor helps you maintain workplace health and safety by advising on everything from risk assessments to health and safety training.