Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment): TUPE

Two Charities Hampshire

Issues faced by the organisations:

  • Growing pressure on funding
  • •Duplication of services and need for efficiencies while maintaining level of services

The two organisations are local charities providing similar services but operating in different locations with a full complement of back-office functions. One charity is much larger and had the capacity to merge the customer service provision into their operation with no increase in staffing but with significant saving in back-office cost.

The key requirement was to ensure the Human Resource aspects of the transition went smoothly and complied fully with TUPE regulations. The larger charity asked MGHR to manage all the HR requirements of the project. This involved drafting and sending the various communication documentation, conducting consultation meetings with the affected staff, dealing with objections and advising senior management on the HR and legal implications of various proposed actions.

The outcome is that the transferred staff are now happily employees of the larger combined organisation and clients did not experience any detriment to the services.

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Outsourced HR Infrastructure: Documentation and Processes

South England Franchise

Issues faced by the company:

  • Fast growing pace and no HR structure, procedures or processes in place
  • Need access to high quality people management expertise to support business growth

This company is a franchised retailer and a significant presence retailer in its market.

Fast expansion in the south of England brought Human Resources challenges for the company.  Their solution was to consider looking for an outsourced HR services partner. After reviewing a range of options, they chose Morlan Gil Human Resources Ltd.

Beyond the key requirement for quality HR expertise and experience the company chose Morlan Gil HR because the personal, flexible, responsive service that we could offer.  The same experienced Morlan Gil consultant was on hand to give advice whenever they need it, whereas other options may not have guaranteed the same consistency of personal contact and support.

Morlan Gil built the franchise’s HR infrastructure from scratch, ensuring compliance with employment through compiling comprehensive documentation, writing contracts and job descriptions, policies and procedures. Following this phase, MGHR became the company’s ongoing outsourced HR supplier.

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Recruitment and Retention

Specialist Vehicle Company

Issues faced by the company:

  • High turnover rate among key skilled staff
  • High recruitment cost
  • Growing product demand

The company asked MGHR to look at how they could improve, specifically in staff retention. Initially, MGHR met the Operations Director, Technical Manager and HR Officer to discuss their view of the problem, the issues and what they thought the causes were. We then discussed the issues with departmental heads and team leaders responsible for recruitment and managing the departments which were losing staff. These discussions covered the full recruitment and initial training process, including quality of recruits, sources, applications and interviewing.

MGHR also looked at the various documentation and procedures around the recruitment process, levels of short-term sick absence and procedures for dealing with non-performing staff. From this research and drawing from previous experience of managing recruitment and retention, it became clear that the staff retention problem was part of a broader issue relating to the effectiveness of the recruitment process and the real motivations of the recruits who had left. More striking was that the company had not realised how much poor recruitment and retention was costing them.

As well as lost production, the cost of ineffective recruitment to the company was approaching £40,000. MGHR made 10 practical recommendations for changes to their approach to recruiting; the majority which could be implemented quickly, with the result that the company’s recruitment costs are being halved and, even more importantly for the success of their growing business, the quality of staff recruited has improved.

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Consulting Engineering Firm

case-study-1Issues faced by firm:
  • Contracts of employment to ensure key staff committed to firm until established
  • Improvement of client and business development skills to build business

This fast growing engineering consulting company had spun off from its parent company in an MBO. One of its needs was to ensure that the key staff were retained and committed to the new company during its start-up phase and beyond.

Morlan Gil Human Resources assisted the company in devising motivational terms and conditions, including producing the individual contracts, to ensure that the staff were committed but also would receive the longer-term rewards of success.

MGHR is now working with the company to design and deliver courses, including presentations, meetings and other client skills for the partners and staff.

Professional Services firm

Issue faced by firm:
  • Need to broaden the client skills to enable their client-facing staff to win broader and bigger consulting assignmentsMGHR assisted this professional services firm both to review their approach to training client facing staff, to create a business focused training, and development strategy.

The firm had a reputation for provision of quality advice in technical areas. They were keen to expand into broader areas of client work where they felt they could offer quality advice to clients. However, because their previous training was very technically based, their consultants were not always confident or comfortable discussing issues beyond their strictly technical expertise.

MGHR worked with the firm to review their approach to training client-facing staff. As a result, a new training strategy was devised giving increased focus to communication, project management and people skills. This was integrated with technical and professional training.

MGHR then developed a range of related training workshops covering these skills.

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